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Antony T Curtis antony at
Fri May 11 13:26:36 BST 2001

Jason Corcoran wrote:
> List,
> I have a Epson 440 color printer. On start up I can see the printer being
> recognized. When I do a dmesg | grep lpt0 I see the printer and the ppcbus0 .
> But If I try to du the following
> su
> then lptest > /dev/lpt0
> I get an error saying the device is busy.
> I have checked the kernel and there is an entry for lpt. I have set the
> communications settings for IRQ and POLL, lptcontrol -p -d /dev/lpt0
> What am I doing wrong?

Often simple things like bad cable can be a real show-stopper.

Also, I find that using the printer port in compatibility mode is a
bad-idea (tm)

Most hardware supports ECP and/or EPP.... If your ECP hardware is good,
use it, otherwise use EPP. The end result is much lower interrupt stress
on the system and much faster throughput. (ECP supports up to 2Mb/s....
in COMPATIBLE mode, the best you can expect is around 50Kb/s)

Do a 'man ppc' and check out the flags - and recompile the kernel with
the options you desire.

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