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M.H.Hung sysdba at
Thu May 10 02:32:01 BST 2001

Jon Tite ¼g¹D:
> Not sure what you mean, if you have created a partition which is the right
> size, then you can create another in fdisk using the remaining space with no
> affect to your first partition.
> You could create a few, but you have obviously initialised the disk with
> multiple partition support with dfisk if you have a partition that is not
> full size (18000/1024).
> So yes, if you have space on your disk for another partition, you can safely
> create another.
> If you want to resize the partitions, you have to use something along the
> lines of "Partition Magic", by Quaterdeck.

The following is the partition table:

Disk name:      da0                                    FDISK Partition
DISK Geometry:  2231 cyls/255 heads/63 sectors = 35841015 sectors

Offset       Size(ST)        End     Name  PType       Desc  Subtype   

         0         63         62        -      6     unused        0
        63   25189857   25189919    da0s1      3    freebsd      165   
  25189920   10653750   35843669        -      6     unused        0

the end sectors of partition 2 has beyond the total sectors,
if I adjust and re-initialize it, I hope it will not affect
the existed system. I will backup the important
data, but I hope I don't need to re-install the whole system,
because it will spend too much time to do it :-)

from Taiwan

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