A couple of PPP related questions

Rich Wood rich at dynamite.org
Wed May 9 17:36:44 BST 2001

On 9 May 2001, at 15:52, Neil Ford wrote:

> I suspect people may already be doing what I want to do, so I 
> I'd ask.
> Question 1
> Is it possible to get PPP to write it's process ID out to a file? I
> want to be able to have a cron job kill the PPP process at night and
> restart it in the morning. I could do it by grepping PS for the PID
> but I wondered if there was a more elegant solution.

When I was still doing this, I just used a small script as follows

[rich at zippy:~]cat /etc/ppp/autodown
/usr/bin/killall -SIGTERM ppp

which worked perfectly with the companion script

[rich at zippy:~]cat /etc/ppp/autoup
/usr/bin/killall -SIGTERM ppp
/bin/sleep 10
/usr/sbin/ppp -auto btinternet

which brought the link up.


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