Moving from 3.4 to -STABLE?

Neil Ford neil at
Mon May 7 13:06:08 BST 2001

Okay, details first;
Machine in question is a Toshiba Libretto 50CT currently with 3.4 installed
(from a CD set, which I still have).

/usr/src is empty :-( Currently running a generic kernel.

No CD drive, 2 PCMCIA slots, working 3Com networking card, PCMCIA floppy (not
sure if it's supported), 56K surftime dial-up internet connection. 3 other
machines in the house running various incarnations of -STABLE.

cvsup not installed :-( Doh!

My normal update method is build a custom kernel (or at least a copy of GENERIC
suitably named), grab the latest sources and do the build world dance.
However that's usually on machines with some version of 4 installed and with
CD drives.

What's the best way for me to proceed with this machine? Can I safely install
cvsup (by grabbing the pkg maybe), grab the latest sources, create a custom
kernel file (but not build it) and then do the build world process? Will I hit
any problems?

I'm doing this so I have yet another spare portable device to take to customer
sites / have a very small router/half-life server / because it's there :-)

Maybe I should leave this as an exercise for next weekend? Anyone fancy a

Neil C. Ford
Managing Director, Yet Another Computer Solutions Company Limited
neil at -

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