Paul Civati paul at
Mon May 7 11:46:27 BST 2001

Guillermo Ponce <geponce at> wrote:

> Do you know where can I get Oracle for Linux?

Last I knew 8.0.x and 8.1.x could be downloaded from the Oracle
web site somewhere.

> I'm planning to install it for FreeBSD but I don't know if Oracle for
> Linux it's an OpenSource product or I have to pay a lot of money for
> the license like, the Oracle for AIX or Solaris?

My understanding (but I could be wrong, so you'd best read the
licence!) is that Oracle for Linux is not free.  It is free to use
for development purposes, ie. writing applications that are going
to use the database.  If you want to use it in production then I
think you still need to pay the appropriate licence fee(s).


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