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Fri May 4 17:01:22 BST 2001

On Fri, 4 May 2001, David Richards wrote:

> Sorry for going off the topic here. As i know most of you working for isp
> and network companies and thought i would get more help here. 
> I have a domain with a registered nameserver. ( I want to
> add another domain to it.( and some time in the future
> (, too. Would the SOA be
> and the nameserver be and my other
> nameservers that hold the information, and would they have to be slaves or
> masters?
> regards
> david
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Er.... what your saying is slightly confusing :) But if your talking about hosting your domains name... it will be the master and
any other nameservers listed on top of that will be 'secondary' name
servers, ie. they will need to be configured as slaves to download the
zone file from the master server, be sure to config the master to allow
the zone file transfer as well!

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