Jonathan Fanti jonathan.fanti at
Tue May 1 10:49:47 BST 2001

Adrian Wontroba wrote:

> I ignored the advice about not using either of these unless you really,
> really, have to; until the penny dropped that I what I really needed was
> a static route set up in my router pointing through my firewall to my
> internal network.  That done, bye-bye routed, bye-bye.
> Why do you think that you actually need routed / gated?  What are you
> trying to do?

I have three routes on this particular machine, one is a static route to 
the internet via our default gw, then we have another static route to 
network "b" through gateway "b". Finally there is a "static" route to 
network "c" though router "c" which has a failover line to it via router 
"d", router c is giving out rip1 updates when the main line goes down so 
that the server will switch to router d. 

Did that make sense?



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