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Andy [Tecc Nops] andy at
Thu Mar 29 16:45:08 BST 2001


The message "points back to" means
that it is trying to relay back to itself and cannot find
the last host for delivery. I just did an mx lookup and
the only mx'er there is I guess there
is somet up here with the mx settings for your domain or
you have used CNAMEs somewhere (CNAMES are a common way
of getting this error message).


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   I have one machine connected to the net. It is running http/dns/sendmail
etc..  I am trying to get the mail to work
I have the domain and when i try sending an email to the user i
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554 5.0.0 MX list for points back to
554 5.3.5 <davidr at>... Local configuration error

I have the mx set to darkworld.skyforge as it is the name of the machine.
should there be an mx record as i have tried many differnt ones and alway
get the same error.

any ideas?


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