Installing in cylinder in > 1024

Henry Whincup henry at
Wed Mar 28 11:37:43 BST 2001

This looks like it may help: From 'man boot0cfg':
-o options
   A comma-separated string of any of the following options may be
   specified (with ``no'' prepended as necessary):

   packet Use the disk packet (BIOS Int 0x13 extensions)  interface,
          as as opposed to the legacy (CHS) interface, when doing
          disk I/O.  This allows booting above cylinder 1023, but
          requires specific BIOS support.  The default is `nopacket'.


However you can use grub if you prefer (I think there was an article on it

As for 4.3 it is in the process of being released, so soon-ish!



On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Will Macdonald wrote:


    I have just joined the list. I am looking for a couple of quick answers.

    On my laptop I have a 12GB hard disk. The first 4GB are used for a windows
    partition. I would like to install FreeBSD in the rest.

    I have tried and failed a couple of time so far to get the boot loader
    working properly. From my research it looks like the bootloader still cannot
    handle booting from a partition above 1024. I know GRUB can do this. Is it
    possible to make freebsd use GRUB by default ? If not are there any other
    boot loaders people can recommend ?

    I have also read that 4.3 will be released soon, does any one know when ??



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