Problems Installing FreeBSD on Slave Harddisk

sdjayna sdjayna at
Sun Mar 25 20:58:48 BST 2001


I'm brand new to FreeBSD and have been trying for the past few days to get
it going on my second hard disk  (which I am devoting to FreeBSD).

I have a CD-Rom of 4.2 (Stable) and am installing from scratch. I boot from
the CD and follow the instructions on creating FreeBSD partitions. I use the
(ALL) option when creating what I think is a 'slice'. Then I use the
automatic option to create the different partitions such as /var /usr and

All goes well, I choose the distribution (ALL), but here comes my problem on
the next screen, an error message displays the following:-

Unable to swap to /dev/adb1slb
Unable to make new root filesystem on /dev/ad1sla

...and the install bails....

When doing Alt-F2 i get :-
Can't open PC-card controller /dev/card0
newfs /dev/adlsla: Device Not Configured

I've looked high and low for answers, please help, thanks for your time,

Stephen Jayna
sdjayna at

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