Sound card problems

Ben Smithurst csxbcs at
Thu Mar 22 15:09:34 GMT 2001

I'm having a few problems playing MP3s at the moment. :-( Whenever I
try to use either 'amp' or 'mpg123' they both spit out a similar error
(which I can't remember exactly) about being unable to set audio format.
A ktrace reveals that a SNDCTL_DSP_SETFMT ioctl() call is failing (I
think, I'm not in front of my FreeBSD machine right now).  It always
used to work, it just suddently stopped, and I'm sure I haven't changed
anything.  Occasionally it works about once after a reboot but then
stops again.

Any ideas what could cause this?  Is FreeBSD trying to tell me I should
finally replace my five year old sound card?  In a few days I'll be able
to upgrade the machine to 4.3-STABLE so we'll see if that fixes the


Hmm, I found a message about this in the archives:

but this suggests there has been an API change which causes this.  I
don't see why that would be the cause for me, since I haven't recompiled
either the kernel or amp or mpg123 so I don't see why it would just stop
working.  Given that I don't have any source on my machine while it's
here an Uni, I _can't_ have recompiled them.

Any ideas appreciated.

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