burncd problem

Aleksandar Simic' alex at frustum.clara.co.uk
Sat Mar 17 18:50:27 GMT 2001


I've installed my new Yamaha CDR/RW 16/10/40. The system finds it on
boot up: 

[alex@~] dmesg | grep YAM
acd1: CD-RW <YAMAHA CRW2100E> at ata1-slave using WDMA2

I can blank a RW CD:

[root@~]  burncd -f /dev/acd1c  blank
blanking CD, please wait..

But if I try to burn anything I get the following:

[root@~]  burncd -f /dev/acd1c data  /etc/XF86Config fixate
next writeable LBA 0
writing from file /etc/XF86Config size 3 KB
written this track 4 KB (133%) total 4 KB
fixating CD, please wait..
burncd: ioctl(CDRIOCCLOSEDISK): Input/output error

I've tried changing the writing speed but I still get the same error
message. Then I've tried using blank CDs from different manufacturers,
but I got the same error.

If you could help me sort this out, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance,


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