named keeps crashing

Paul Civati paul at
Sat Mar 17 15:11:29 GMT 2001

David Richards <DavidR at> wrote:

> if should how would i update it ?

Download the sources from <URL:>
then untar them.

Edit 'port/freebsd/Makefile.set' so that everything is installed
under a central location.

[ This example is for OpenBSD but should apply to FreeBSD ]

  % cat port/openbsd/Makefile.set

Once you've built and done a 'make install' then:

  # cd /usr/local
  # ln -s bind-8.2.3 bind
  # cd /usr/sbin
  # mv named named.orig
  # ln -s /usr/local/bind/named .

Then next time you need to upgrade you just install into
something like /usr/local/bind-x.x.x and then adjust the
/usr/local/bind symlink to point at the new version, you
can then remove the old /usr/local/bind-x.x.x tree once
you're happy it's all working.

This is my preferred package maintenance method as it means
(after initial set up) you can switch between releases by
changing just one symlink (in /usr/local) and remove old
releases very easily.


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