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Brian Somers brian at
Wed Mar 14 00:50:37 GMT 2001

> One of the staff here at Leeds asked me to give a talk about FreeBSD
> to the West Yorks Linux User Group.  Now this (speaking to more than
> about 3 people at once!) is the sort of thing I'm no good at, or more to
> the point, answering the inevitable question of "Why is FreeBSD better
> than Linux" is something I'm not very good at ("it just is, damn it"
> doesn't go down well) but would anyone here be willing to give such a
> talk?  Possibly more than one person, possibly working with me on it, I
> don't know yet.
> Anyone even slightly interested?

Yes, I'm interested from a championing-FreeBSD perspective rather 
than trying to compare FreeBSD with linux.  I know little about linux 
that's first hand.

I'm busy 'till the end of the week and I'm away Monday 'till 
Wednesday (21st), but after that would be good.

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