100Mbit Ethernet recomendations

Tim Borgeaud Tim.Borgeaud at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Mar 13 17:16:51 GMT 2001

>When I said "SOHO" I was referring to the Netgear "SOHO" type of
>products, where "SOHO" is a generic term for cheap/basic equipment
>used in Small Office/Home Office.

Yes, figured that one out. Unfortuneatly the SOHO hubs that Scan do 
are often unbranded. What you get is pot luck.

>Just a connector?  RS?  Maplin?

You would think so wouldn't you. Fortunately it looks like 
MOLEX will just send me a couple of free samples. I should then
be able to put together an ATX power cable to AT socket converter,
and finally get an old machine into a decent case. I'll mail the group with
the details of my little upgrade if it works. 

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