100Mbit Ethernet recomendations

Andy [TECC NOPS] andy at tecc.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 12:58:40 GMT 2001

> > > I always prefer the Intel EEPro myself even though they're not the
> > > cheapest.  You get what you pay for.
> > 
> > *Not* if you read freebsd-hackers you wouldn't ;)
> Because?
> -Paul-

because Intel have gone for NDA (non-disclosure
agreements) on the docs/manuals for the eepro
series nic controllers. That means the support
for the fxp driver is beginning to slip.

Basically, there are some new driver stuff out
there but the source code cannot be released
due to the Intel NDA. There's a heavy disscusion
going on at the mo re this on -hackers


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