100Mbit Ethernet recomendations

Tim Borgeaud Tim.Borgeaud at bristol.ac.uk
Tue Mar 13 11:27:10 GMT 2001

I'm just starting to sort my computers at home. Currently there
are two machines connected together with a crossover cable, 
one has a 10mbit NE2000 compatible card, the other has a cheap realtek
100mbit card. 

I'm about to get a backup machine running and will probably buy a hub
or switch. I've seen a couple of suitable cheap switches designed for home
or small office. There's a 3com 4 port 10/100mbit for approx 90 pounds or an
intel 8port+1uplink for approx 110 pounds. Unless someone
can recomend something better I'll get one of these.

But I'm not so sure about what card to get for the backup machine. 
What is a good well supported, and not too expensive, 100mbit card 
for FreeBSD?

I'll probably be ordering from Dabs because they do the case I'm after.
They have both intel etherexpress and 3c905B cards but the prices appear
to be a bit higher than usual.



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