QST about sendmail

M.H.Hung sysdba at mail.tradepages.com.tw
Mon Mar 12 14:46:41 GMT 2001


    Recently I install sendmail 8.10.1 on Sun OS 5.5.1,
but I encounter a problem: when an E-mail arrives, it
will not put into it's mail box or forward to another
E-mail account, it always put to the mqueue list, and,
the error messages is:

553 5.0.0 <sysdba at mail.tradepages.com.tw>... External gateway use
554 5.0.0 <sysdba at mail.tradepages.com.tw>... Service unavailable
554 4.0.0 savemail: cannot save rejected email anywhere: Resource

the E-mail address sysdba at mail.tradepages.com.tw is correct.

but if I use command: "/usr/lib/sendmail -q Rsysdba" later, then
this mail will be sent to the above E-mail!

Can anyone help me? Thank!


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