(sans sujet)

Darren Evans darren at horseplay.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 01:59:18 GMT 2001

I could'nt resist a quick babelfish, I thought the majority of French
spoke the world's most popular language, anyway :-)


There's a list of some here, most appear commercial though.

This seems to be down, may want to find out if they're web server is
down or they no longer give out accounts.

 >if you have free Shell I seek 1 of them

At 22:07 11/03/01 +0000, Josef Karthauser wrote:
>On Sun, Mar 11, 2001 at 04:23:29PM -0500, Wisem77 at aol.com wrote:
> > bonjours si vous avez un shell gratuit j'en cherche 1 ciao
>Hi :)  you may find a better response if you mail to the UK user group
>in the native language ;)

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