newbie / soundcard

Ben Paley rambhai at
Wed Mar 7 22:54:54 GMT 2001

	I've got an early Ensoniq Soundscape soundcard, and I haven't managed
to make it work in FreeBSD yet: the card is correctly detected, but fails at
the tests (worked fine in Windows, once I got the new drivers). I seem to
remember someone saying it isn't supported in my version of BSD (v3.?), but
then, why is it detected?.. anyway, after a struggle with a DOS game (launched
from Windows) I realised that, at least in that context, the card needs to be
initialized before it will work. I had to add these lines to the autoexec.bat
file for that game (Twinsen's Little Big Adventure, in case you're interested):
c:\sndscape\mt32	(to start mt32 emulation... I don't think that's
c:\sndscape\ssinit I	(that's the initialization)
	Well, does anyone think that could be why it's not working in BSD, that I'm not
sending the right stuff to get it going? And if so, how do I find out what to
send it... and then, how do I do it?
 	Thanks very much,

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