Netscape Shared libs !!!!!!

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I have ( over the last 12 hours ) actually done as you have described bellow
strangely enough.  I  have used cvsup to up date my source, the supfiles
came from Freebsd web site (stable-supfile for 4.2) I did this under X with
the GUI running, 2hrs later - finished successfully.

I am currently running 4.2-RELEASE downloaded about a month ago and I wanted
to move to 4.2-STABLE.

I updated /etc/make.conf, added COMPAT22= yes (sorry, just being lazy
before).  checked /etc/group o.k. it  matched /usr/src/etc/group.  Rebooted
in single user mode, removed copies of objects, then did make -j4
buildworld, 3.5hrs did make installworld.

This morning install world has finished with no errors.  Rebooted to see
FreeBSD 4.2-RELEASE in my start-up????

I even deinstalled Netscape ( from ports/www/netscape47-navigator, one of
many versions I have tried!) and reinstalled and got the same message as
before ... cannot find shared lib ... and I have also
previously installed the aout compat libraries (from the CD, and I also
built and installed the port just to be sure) and this has had no effect ???

Is there something else I need to do to use this source that I spent hours
downloading and compiling ....

any help appreciated as always,
and thanks again for your continued help!

Julian at  /  Dev at

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> On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 08:46:12AM -0000, julian wrote:
> > I have tried the things you have suggested, but with no success.  I
> > already have already installed XFree86-aoutlibs and Compat22 libs, I
> > also have linux=yes in the relevant startup file, have not tried
> > compat22=yes in make.conf yet but I have just one question about
> > this, do I add this line to the make.conf, and then do the make
> > buildworld/buildinstall bit?  Do I need to synchronize my tree first
> > (if this is a fresh install) using Cvsupit??
> Uh --- it's capitalised like so:
> COMPAT22=       yes
> Yes, that goes into /etc/make.conf, and it only has any effect when
> you go through a buildworld/installworld cycle.  All it does is cause
> a copy of various libraries from way back in the 2.2.x era of FreeBSD
> to be installed.  If you have the sources available, take a look at
> /usr/src/lib/compat/compat22 --- it's just uuencoded copies of
> libraries and a Makefile that decodes them during the build.
> If you're installing the netscape-communicator-4.76 port/package then
> the linux compatability stuff isn't necessary.
> The 4.x-RELEASE sources are available on the CD's, and you can
> certainly install the 2.2 compatability libs from there.
> If you're going to do a full buildworld/installworld though, and don't
> mind the on-line time you'll require to update your sources, you might
> as well get the latest 4.2-STABLE sources using cvsup, and upgrade.  I
> find it's best to run cvsup before even trying to do a buildworld, as
> it ensures that you do have all the right source files in place.  Mind
> you, you'll find that the 2.2 compatability libs are one of the few
> parts of the source tree that don't see much change over time.
> Install the /usr/ports/net/cvsup-bin port as the quickest way to get
> cvsup working.  Then you can probably just do:
> cvsup -g -L 2 -h
> cvsup -g -L 2 -h
> (or whatever cvsup server is best for you: see
> for details.) The cvsupit
> port will walk you through doing this.
> Check out and
> and read the
> mergemaster(1) man page before you begin.  Read /usr/src/UPDATING once
> you've cvsup'd.
> Matthew
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