Paul Fletcher paul at fletch.cx
Sat Jun 30 12:22:03 BST 2001

Hi all,

I am having some trouble getting dummynet working with squid at home.

I have two windows2000 machines and a freebsd4.3Stable machine running squid
and dialing up using ppp. What I want is to be able to limit the amount of
"bandwidth" one of the 2000 machines can use over the modem

at the minute I have something like this:

add pipe 2 ip from any to via tun0
pipe 2 config bw 1KByte/s queue 20 mask dst-ip 0x000000ff

which works fine for most traffic, limiting it nicely to a meager 1K a
second, however it wont limit web requests. I presume this is because the
web requests run through squid on the freebsd box. Im a bit stuck here as to
where to go next from here.

Feel free to pull the rules to pieces, I haven't done a great deal with ipfw
aside from simple allow and deny rules.

any help appreciated



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