How can i change the desktop size in X

Julian McIntosh Julian at
Wed Jun 27 15:48:44 BST 2001

I have a freeBSD server running nicely with various services, so i built
a workstation to keep it company.  Loaded the base sytem tools etc ...
loaded X, and knome at installation time and it seems to work o.k.

but i have a stupidly large desktop!  my 800x600 monitor covers only a
quater of the screen  and i can't scroll the screen. one xterm window
almost fills my screen.  I understand that this may be due to my graphic
card (TNT2 M64) but is ther a way to force the display to 800x600 ot
smaller? or do i need to load/change/set anything to be able to ....

A. change the strartup display mode
B. change the desktop mode via 'control pannel' of some sort

When starting X it has a line that reads .. 'using default monitor

according to the frebsd help in xf86cconfig, i should use the generic
driver for my card.  I can't get it to work with the 'nv' driver.

When setting up x through xf86config i can use most monitor sizes with
display 640x480, but when it load the screen is always huge, no mater if
i use 640x ... or 1280x ...

any help appreciated,


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