Recommended wireless kit?

Scott Mitchell scott.mitchell at
Sun Jun 24 19:37:07 BST 2001

Well, since work has seen fit to supply me with a laptop + 802.11 card, it
might be time to install that wireless network I keep thinking it would be
nice to have.  I know there's a fair few people on this list using 802.11
with BSD, so I'm hoping someone can recommend some suitable kit.  I'd be
looking for an Ethernet-connected access point plus another card to go in
my personal laptop:

  - Must all work with FreeBSD (-STABLE, or something close to it). I can 
    configure the AP from a Windows machine, if I must, but I'd obviously
    rather use the BSD boxen :-)
  - Must interoperate with the Intel 2011 card in the work laptop.
    Presumably that's not much of a problem these days?
  - 128bit encryption.  I know, it's still relatively crap, but better than 
  - Affordable!  Somewhere in the region of £350 for the AP + card.

Although, these combined Ethernet switch/Wireless AP/firewall/NAT/router
devices that the likes of SMC and Linksys are selling look quite
attractive, so I could be tempted by one of those...

So, what do you good people recommend?  I'd rather get it here, just in
case it breaks, but I could pick stuff up in the US later in the year if

Thanks in advance,


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