Neil Hoggarth njh at
Sun Jun 24 10:07:36 BST 2001

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 fbsdusers at wrote:

> Here's my situation. I have a network here, which I want to provide a name
> service for. It's an internal network, and so call the machines will
> resolve to a fake top level domain (.foo, for the purposes of examples).
> The problem is that we also have an external connection too (hence the
> fake TLD). I want to use djbdns as the nameserver. My problem is that
> I can't get anything to hang together. I can make a local chace on the
> router machine (also the nameserver), and I can make a local DNS, but I
> can't get it to do both.

1) Set up dnscache on the router machine, listening on the Ethernet
   interface for the internal network (

2) Set up tinydns on the router machine, listening on the "locahost"
   loopback interface ( Configure this to serve your local
   .foo domain.

3) Configure dnscache to consult tinydns (in preference to the root name
   servers) by creating files containing the string "" in the
   directory  "/service/dnscache/root/servers". You probably want one
   called "foo" (to redirect queries concerning the .foo domain) and one
   called "" or "" (to redirect
   reverse-queries concerning your local IP addresses). Restart dnscache
   to get it to pick up the configuration change "svc -t /service/dnscache".

4) Configure the resolvers on all the machines (including the router
   machine itself) to send DNS queries to



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