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Fri Jun 22 00:53:01 BST 2001

Hi all,

Here's my situation. I have a network here, which I want to provide a name
service for. It's an internal network, and so call the machines will
resolve to a fake top level domain (.foo, for the purposes of examples).

The problem is that we also have an external connection too (hence the
fake TLD). I want to use djbdns as the nameserver. My problem is that
I can't get anything to hang together. I can make a local chace on the
router machine (also the nameserver), and I can make a local DNS, but I
can't get it to do both.

Can anyone point me at a complete howto (rather than the ones google can
find), that actually tells me enough to make a pair of services hang
together, that can be read from top to bottom, without leaping around the
site (like you have to on to get *anything*) and will actually
help me.

For reference (in case some helpful person is willing to write me some
instructions), here are some more details about the router and network.

The internal address of thge router is All the machines on
the network will be told (via dhcp) to look to this nameserver. The
nameserver needs to resolve various hostnames under a fictional .foo
domain for the internal network, and resolve the internet at large
properly too.

I've also just realised this DHCP thing. If someone has a cunning way of
getting the same machine names into djbdns for the same machine each time,
I'd be grateful to know about that too...

Many thanks in advance,


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