New UK FreeBSD Site (was RE: a/s/l?)

Paul Fletcher paul at
Tue Jun 19 19:46:21 BST 2001

>My opinion is that we wouldn't be able to do more local sub-sites as it
>basically because we don't have enough members in each geographical area.
>How about we set-up more localised mailing lists, alongside the main
>freebsd-users list, where local meets could be arranged?
>This is going back to what we discussed about a year back, with regards
>to local co-ordinators? what's everyones opinion on this a year on?
>Should we keep the group as it is, with whoever has the time organising
>meets, etc.. or should we give people titles?

I dont think we need localised mailing lists, freebsd-users isn't exactly
and I bet that most of the suggestions for beer/curry/barbeques etc would
proably be
cc'd to the main list anyway incase anyone was in the area at the time, or
in fact
wanted to attend regardless.

Meetings seem to start out as: "I'll be in manchester over the weekend,
anyone up
for a drink", and end up as full blown meetings. They end up being organised
by the
person who kicks it all off in the first place, so 'I'm not quite sure of
the need for
"co-ordinators" as such.

Anyhow, </twopenneth>



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