New UK FreeBSD Site (was RE: a/s/l?)

Lee Johnston lee at
Tue Jun 19 15:29:33 BST 2001

My opinion is that we wouldn't be able to do more local sub-sites as it
basically because we don't have enough members in each geographical area.

How about we set-up more localised mailing lists, alongside the main
freebsd-users list, where local meets could be arranged?

This is going back to what we discussed about a year back, with regards
to local co-ordinators? what's everyones opinion on this a year on?

Should we keep the group as it is, with whoever has the time organising
meets, etc.. or should we give people titles?


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> As you are going to be doing a new site? have you thought about having the
> same type of system as the linux users groups with the maillng lists and
> web address ? where they are all or what ever it
> ? or will each freebsd user group be completely different to every one
> ?
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> --On Tuesday, June 19, 2001 13:23:40 +0100 Simon Griffiths
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> > I'd also like to offer my skils (if you can call them that).  If you
> > are going to be using mysql/php I'd love to get involved.
> >
> > PS. Im no expert in php but hey i know enough to get help ya with the
> > database side of things and searching.
> For the time being I think we've reached critical mass on volunteers.
> However, we're aiming to make this an open source project so once we've
> some infrastructure in place you'll be able to participate in future
> development in the same way that you could for FreeBSD.
> Paul.
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