New UK FreeBSD Site (was RE: a/s/l?)

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Tue Jun 19 13:23:40 BST 2001

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> Sorry, about the lack of response for a while! Basically I had planned
> to start on a similair site thats been discussed (this was about 6-7
> month back), but time and other pressures delayed it!
> I've got an SQL database here with all the members listed in it, so
> if you need it, just give me an e-mail.
> My idea was to have a sort of members profile, where members can
> give more information about themselves.. Also, to have the database
> searchable by county, and country (for those outside the UK).
> Regards,
> Lee.
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> Lee Johnston (lee at

I'd also like to offer my skils (if you can call them that).  If you guys
are going to be using mysql/php I'd love to get involved.

PS. Im no expert in php but hey i know enough to get help ya with the
database side of things and searching.


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