Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Mon Jun 18 17:04:00 BST 2001

> I'm more than willing to provide web and sql hosting for this project in
> my company for free... but for this project only... I'm not accounting
> manager and I can't afford to be giving space away to all users
> unfortunately :) as much as I'd like to... But yea, I'm happy to provide
> web hosting/sql hosting and basically any other reasonable services on a
> fast connection for the project... whether it's needed or not, i don't
> know but feel free to come to me if you are looking for somewhere :)
> (I run speedhosting.org btw... incase your wondering :))

Thanks for your offer, it is appreciated.  As it happens, 
storm.FreeBSD.org.uk was set up specifically with this sort of thing 
in mind a few years ago, so we're aiming at pointing things there.

I hate not taking advantage of any resources offered though... it may 
be worth mirroring the site at your site and sharing the load.  Would 
you be interested in that ?

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> UKUG FreeBSD Technical Support
> scott_t at ukug.uk.freebsd.org
> (Feel free to email me!)


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