Brian Somers brian at Awfulhak.org
Mon Jun 18 13:01:40 BST 2001

I agree - but using bsdworld.net from the start seems to make more 

Is anybody interested in setting this up ?  Commitments aren't 
necessary at this point, rather a willingness to setup a www strawman 
to allow people to enter their details, maintain per-user passwords 
and maybe to mail everyone a reminder once a month about their 

Later we can make things smarter by auto-deprecating accounts that 
bounce for too long.

Anyone who's interested, please send mail to either Paul Richards 
<paul at freebsd-services.co.uk> or myself <brian at freebsd-services.co.uk>
and we'll set things up.

> Mark Ovens <marko at freebsd.org> wrote:
> > ISTR that Lee (Johnstone) took it down around about the time I
> > put together that file in order to clean it up. IOW, to get rid
> > of all those who weren't really "members" but had just signed up
> > to see what it was all about. I think the plan was that we all
> > had to re-join. Can't recall what happened in the end although,
> > to be fair to Lee, I think that he is a student and so probably
> > hasn't got as much time as he would wish to maintain the website.
> > (Lee: apologies if I've got that wrong).
> Perhaps we should scrap this old (and by the sounds of things,
> out-of-date) database and come up with something that provides
> each member with a little "account" so they can maintain their
> own details.
> Then add some more fields for users level of expertise, areas of
> interest, and if they are willing to be a contact point for helping
> out new users in their local area, etc.
> I like Paul's bsdworld.net idea a lot, but that sounds like a
> much bigger longer term project.
> Thoughts?
> -Paul-

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