Andrew McKay andy at openirc.co.uk
Mon Jun 18 12:30:38 BST 2001

PR> > I like Paul's bsdworld.net idea a lot, but that sounds like a
PR> > much bigger longer term project.
PR> It can start out small, I had a grand plan when I bought the domain name
PR> but it's better to have something started and let it grow over time than to
PR> do nothing.

I'd say if it started out as being a database of UKUG members with e.g.
name, location, e-mail etc and grew from there to include what services
people are willing to offer to the community (and no, I'm not thinking of
Cynthia Payne's 'Personal Services' here ;-p ) it could then easily expand
Europe-wide unt from dere ve could take over ze welt.  OK, so I'd make a
lousy dictator...but you get the idea :)

Incidentally, I'll lend any help that I am able as and when necessary.  
I'm more of a words man than a code man but php is pretty easy and I don't
imagine *sql is too difficult given the number of utterly clueless people
who are using it these days (try attending macromedia seminars for
evidence of this).

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