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Serge serge at intraforum.net
Sun Jun 17 14:10:27 BST 2001

At 13:29 17/06/2001 +0100, you wrote:
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>On Sunday 17 June 2001  1:21 pm, Serge wrote:
> > >>BlueYonder's pretty good for the price. They've been plagued by
> > >> hardware problems on the Motorola cable modems (I'm on my third in
> > >> about 2 months)
> > >
> > >It's my first [Motorola SB4100], but .. when back from "Standby" mode,
> > >the IP [normally] changes to something totally different,
> > >and the only way to get it back is power-cycle .. another problem?
> >
> > Sorry the above problem description was not accurate, it's Motorola's
> > DHCP -- after "Standby" Motorola's DHCP cannot re-issue IP address in
> > the same range [ .. ] without power-cycle.
>If you're using BlueYonder, you get a real IP address (although it's
>supposed to be allocated dynamically).  The 192.168.100.x range is used by
>the modem internally, as a fallback if it can not talk to the other end of
>the cable line.  The modem is supposed to get two real IP addresses from
>the other, one for itself, and the other for you.  It then offers the one
>for you to you by DHCP.

Sorry I posted my message before actually connecting to Blueyonder (Telewest
technician connected Motorola SF4100 modem physically last week but there was
no uplink so the service is still not functional .. maybe DHCP will start
acting normally after "Standby" mode, when fully connected?

(I'm aware of difference between real & private IP addresses, just wasn't
sure in what way Blueyonder arranged connection their end).

>The interface on my FreeBSD gateway here is sis0 (cheap-o network card from
>PC World <gack>), and with
>     ifconfig_sis0="DHCP"
>everything works fine.

Thanks, I will give it a try next week.


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