Ashley Penney ashp at unloved.org
Sun Jun 17 13:25:54 BST 2001

On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 04:11:09PM +0100, Andrew McKay said:
> Is there any way to find out where members are, geographically? e.g. I'm
> in Birmingham (Halesowen, specifically) and would be interested in knowing
> if there are other people around here on this list, etc. I'm guessing the
> majority of list members are located in The South but I'd imagine there
> must be some others here in the Midlands (and maybe even some in The North
> - I hear they have electricity up there now)
Well, I'm from Portsmouth originally but I live in London (In the docklands).
I work at Yahoo! and am responsible for, well, just anything anything in
europe I think.

Somehow that paragraph feels like an opener for a AA meeting.  :)

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