Fwd: Re: a/s/l? [Motorola SF4100]

Serge serge at intraforum.net
Sun Jun 17 13:21:53 BST 2001

>>BlueYonder's pretty good for the price. They've been plagued by hardware
>>problems on the Motorola cable modems (I'm on my third in about 2 months)
>It's my first [Motorola SB4100], but .. when back from "Standby" mode,
>the IP [normally] changes to something totally different,
>and the only way to get it back is power-cycle .. another problem?

Sorry the above problem description was not accurate, it's Motorola's
DHCP -- after "Standby" Motorola's DHCP cannot re-issue IP address in
the same range [ .. ] without power-cycle.


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