Aled Morris aledm at qix.co.uk
Sun Jun 17 12:47:59 BST 2001

On Sun, 17 Jun 2001, Mark Ovens wrote:

>I did an analysis of the UKUG membership based on geographical location
>about a year ago. The results can be found at
>obviously things may have changed since then.

And I've moved further south (from Windsor to Dorking/Gatwick area)

No cable or ADSL here either - and I doubt there will ever be given the
population density.  Rural Surrey can be as poorly served, telecoms wise,
as any other part of the country.

I do sometimes wonder if the government should make it easier for small
companies (e.g. me) to set up as mini-telcos in this kinds of
areas.  Obviously the big boys (C&W, NTL etc.) are never going to be
interesting in 100% coverage, but a community orientated carrier could
address the local requirements (filling in the gaps in the market).

Unfortunately (and the reason why government support would be needed) the
regulations for access to the unbundled local loop, telco licences etc.
are all geared towards the big boys, thus presenting a barrier to entry
into the market for a small company with small aspirations.


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