Andrew Boothman andrew at dogma.freebsd-uk.eu.org
Sat Jun 16 17:55:58 BST 2001

At 05:14 PM 16/06/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Address details,
>entry type (user, company etc)
>and then some way of displaying it on a map, which would be the hard part,
>though a straighforward search interface would probably do to get the ball
>Any students out there looking for something to do over the summer? I'll
>"sponsor" the project but I don't have time to do the work myself.

I'd be interested in looking into the idea certainly. But I wouldn't want 
to offer any promises, I'm really not sure how to implement parts of the 
project right now. Plus I do have some other commitments during my summer 
break (sitting on a checkout at Sainsbury's etc.)

All the same, I have some spare time at the moment, so I'll have a go and 
see what I can come up with using my own resources.

I'll keep in touch.


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