Mark Hughes mark at dvdnews.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 17:44:18 BST 2001

> MH> hehe, my parents live on abbeyfields, just the other side of
> MH> Leasowes park from you. It is indeed a very small world.
> Yeup. I tend to be in The Royal Oak on Tuesdays - Quiz Night :)

nice pub. possibly the only pub I really like in the whole area....:+)

> MH> Only moved here a couple of years ago to come to uni and never
> MH> came back....well, not yet.
> I went to Uni in Bradford and...well...came back as quickly as I could ;-p

yeah. guess i just met a nice bunch of people here and after my course ended (rather
prematurely :-( ) I just stayed up here and got a job, as many of them are now doing as
they finish their courses.

> MH> I think I've almost convinced my parents that they need a cable
> MH> modem....much more reasonable cost wise than ADSL - couldn't you
> MH> get that? Telewest/BlueYonder isn't it?
> Yeah. You'd think 10x bandwidth for 2x cost would be easy to sell. I just
> haven't gotten around to broaching the subject. Last time I mentioned
> cable Dad started on a tangent about how he'd seen what they did to the
> pavement ('the tarmac wasn't even the same colour'...although I see no
> difference personally) and how they're not going to do that to his drive
> etc etc etc. I guess it might be time to try again...

hehehe. for what it's worth, when they put in the cable for my parents phone line, they
just dug up a small line in the grass, put in the cable, then put the original grass back
in...you couldn't even see it had been done. If you've got block paving it's even cleaner

As I said...i've NEARLY convinced my parents....not quite there yet, but last time I was
speaking to them about it they were like "yeah, that does sound really good.."...My mother
has become something of a 'net head since we've had 24/7 dial up net access. Two years ago
she wouldn't even touch a computer, now we have to prize her off the thing while she's
chatting away to her friends or emailing or web browsing.....proof that the 'net has
become mainstream beyond all reason if you ask me.

Now...perhaps it's time to introduce her to FreeBSD. I'm sure that will scare the socks
off her :-)


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