Andrew McKay andy at openirc.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 17:26:05 BST 2001

MH> hehe, my parents live on abbeyfields, just the other side of
MH> Leasowes park from you. It is indeed a very small world.

Yeup. I tend to be in The Royal Oak on Tuesdays - Quiz Night :)

MH> Only moved here a couple of years ago to come to uni and never
MH> came back....well, not yet.

I went to Uni in Bradford and...well...came back as quickly as I could ;-p

MH> I think I've almost convinced my parents that they need a cable
MH> modem....much more reasonable cost wise than ADSL - couldn't you
MH> get that? Telewest/BlueYonder isn't it?

Yeah. You'd think 10x bandwidth for 2x cost would be easy to sell. I just
haven't gotten around to broaching the subject. Last time I mentioned
cable Dad started on a tangent about how he'd seen what they did to the
pavement ('the tarmac wasn't even the same colour'...although I see no
difference personally) and how they're not going to do that to his drive
etc etc etc. I guess it might be time to try again...

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