Mark Hughes mark at dvdnews.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 17:13:59 BST 2001

> MH> but I'm from Halesowen, and my parents still live there, and I
> MH> often visit there - whereabouts in Halesowen are you?
> Small world. Next you'll be telling me you used to play for Man Utd and
> currently manage the Welsh National side... ;-p

yup, that's me :+)

(actually, I can't stand football, ironic really)

> I live at the top of Mucklow Hill (still with parents, unfortunately -
> I'm working on escape strategies at the moment :)

hehe, my parents live on abbeyfields, just the other side of Leasowes park from you. It is
indeed a very small world. Only moved here a couple of years ago to come to uni and never
came back....well, not yet.

> MH> We do have electricity up here in York, and apparently we can now
> MH> get ADSL woo hoo (getting it installed myself in a couple of weeks
> MH> :+) ).
> I think we can too. Unfortunately I'm not made of money and my parents
> just don't understand my need for bandwidth :)

I think I've almost convinced my parents that they need a cable modem....much more
reasonable cost wise than ADSL - couldn't you get that? Telewest/BlueYonder isn't it?

I can only afford the ADSL as I'm living with four other people who see the benefits of a
nice big chunk of the information superhighway so we'll be splitting the costs four ways.

And, there's now a freeBSD driver for the USB ADSL modem, which is great as it means I
don't have to use a windows computer to gateway and NAT the connection to everyone in the


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