Andrew McKay andy at openirc.co.uk
Sat Jun 16 17:06:43 BST 2001

MH> but I'm from Halesowen, and my parents still live there, and I
MH> often visit there - whereabouts in Halesowen are you?

Small world. Next you'll be telling me you used to play for Man Utd and
currently manage the Welsh National side... ;-p

I live at the top of Mucklow Hill (still with parents, unfortunately -
I'm working on escape strategies at the moment :)

MH> We do have electricity up here in York, and apparently we can now
MH> get ADSL woo hoo (getting it installed myself in a couple of weeks
MH> :+) ).

I think we can too. Unfortunately I'm not made of money and my parents
just don't understand my need for bandwidth :)

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