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[ I sent this off a while ago, but I haven't seen it come back through the list, so
  I'm sending it again ]

Subject: [EBUG] Pan-European BSD Mailing List
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 21:00:03 +0100
From: Nik Clayton <nik at>
To: nlfug at, bsd-dk at, pb at, gioria at, webmaster at, bsd at, bugi at, varie at, admin at, michael at, bus at, freebsd-users at, wvdputte at, phk at, eug at

I'm sending this to the mailing lists for all the BSD usergroups that I
 know of in Europe, and a couple of specific people that have expressed an
 interest in this sort of thing in the past.  Please feel free to send this
 on to any that I may have missed.  Reply-to points to the new eug mailing

One of the comments I've often heard from European BSD users at events like
Usenix is that there's not enough communication between the usergroups,
 when, between us, we comprise a healthy chunk of the BSD developer and
 user base. Once again, this was discussed at the recent BBQ at Cameron
 Grant's in the UK, and a few of us have resolved to try and do something
 about it.

Right now, we've got a mailing list,

    eug at

It's run by majordomo, so send a message to

    majordomo at


    subscribe eug

in the message body to join.

Anticipated content includes:

* Meeting announcements (some of us are more than happy to travel to make

* Impromptu get-togethers (I'm writing this from a Swiss hotel room at the
  moment -- it would've been great to have been able to easily send out a
  "Hey, I'm going to be in Geneva soon, any other BSD people in the area
 fancy meeting up for a beer?")

* Requests for speakers -- if you've got an event coming up that you're
 trying to find a BSD speaker for, this lets you cast your net further.

* Requests for presentation content -- I dare say many of us have BSD
 specific reports to hand, or presentations, or statistics, that can be
 shared, and advice can be given.

* Commercial -- this might be organisations that are looking for BSD
  knowledgable developers, or it might be product announcements that are
  appropriate for BSD users, or BSD users running organisations, or
 providing consulting services specific to BSD (this is one of the things
 we'd expect to spin off in to a separate list pretty quickly, but time
 will tell how much traffic is in this category).

* Discussions about conferences (announcements, flights, hotel bookings,
 room sharing, ...), perhaps even organising a European BSDCon.

* And really, anything else that would be appropriate for a
 country-specific mailing list but that would also be interesting across
 Europe.  About the only thing that would be off-topic would be "How do I
 do <X>?", which are better sent to the per-user group or per-project
 mailing lists.

We anticipate that the majority of messages will be in English, simply
 because it's probably got the best chance of being understood by everyone.
  That's not a hard and fast rule, of course.

Credit for getting the mailing list off the ground to Phil Regnauld
<regnauld at>, who did the hard work.

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