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Nik Clayton nik at nothing-going-on.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 16:45:28 BST 2001

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On Friday 15 June 2001  7:30 pm, Will Macdonald wrote:
> I tried to respond to your freebsd.org address but it was returned.

That probably means your ISP doesn't provide proper reverse DNS lookups.

> I think I must have CVSup the whole thing, over a gig of space has been
> taken up.

That'll be the whole thing then, yes.

Best bet thing to do, before deleting it (assuming you want to delete it) 
is to

    # cd /usr/ports
    # cvs -d /home/ncvs checkout -d . ports

which will check out the latest ports tree from the CVS tree (which is what 
you wanted to do in the first place).

When that's complete, you should be able to do

    # cd /home
    # rm -rf ncvs

to blow away the CVS repository you pulled down.  From memory, CVSup will 
have defaulted to putting the repository in /home/ncvs, but you should 
check that path, and adjust the commands as necessary.
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