[fwd] [Brighton-lug-announce] Meeting is off!

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Wed Jun 13 16:35:10 BST 2001

Sorry if anybody wanted to go out tonight.  :-(


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Subject: [Brighton-lug-announce] Meeting is off!

Just got this.

>From: "Chantal Coady" <C.Coady at tesco.net>
>Subject: tom coady stuck up north

>   this is a message for the group who should be meeting at tom's place
>   tonight. He had to go his great uncle's (107) funeral in Liverpool
>   today and left keys behind in Warwickshire so won't be back in
>   Brighton in time. Pls advise all group members. Thanks

Sorry to hear about the great uncle. Thanks for letting us know.

I'm not well so can't make it tonight anyway. I'll leave it to those
who were going to go to arrange an alternative if they still want to.

Next time...


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