hard disk problems....

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Thu Jun 7 15:50:44 BST 2001

Spencer Marshall <Spencer.Marshall at uk.uu.net> wrote:

> I am having problems booting because I have at least three bad
> blocks on my hdd.  fsck keeps complaining and refuses to mark
> the disk clean!  I believe there is a bad144 program which
> will mark the bad blocks,

I recently tried this on a ~500Mb disk both with bad144(8) and
badsect(8), without any luck.

> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to plug the bad blocks so
> I can get the machine up.  At least then I can back the machine up
> over the net, at the moment, I can not even do that.

What you should actually do, depends on the type of disk.

For SCSI disks then you can (for instance) go into the Adaptec
BIOS and run a verify, this will map out and mark unusable any
bad sectors.

This is a gamble as any data on these sectors you will have to
say goodbye to and hope that fsck can fix up the inconsistances
upon reboot.

If the disk is on its way out it could (I guess) map out large
amount of sectors that it thinks are bad and then you lose half
your disk.

For IDE disks the fix is a bit grimmer, you have to obtain the
utility program from the disk manufacturer and do a low-level
format on the whole disk (so that it maps out those bad sectors)
and then re-install whatever you had on there.

I recently tried this and the Samsung util would just bomb out
with some error! so I tried a similar Seagate utility and it
proceeded to wipe out half the disk permanently. ;)  I had
already backed up what I needed and figured the disk was
probably on its last legs so nothing to lose.


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