hard disk problems....

Ian Pallfreeman ip at mcc.ac.uk
Thu Jun 7 15:03:47 BST 2001

> It does not rain, it poors.....

Haha. I'm in Manchester.

> I am having problems booting because I have at least three bad blocks on my
> hdd.  fsck keeps complaining and refuses to mark the disk clean!  I believe
> there is a bad144 program which will mark the bad blocks, but I am not sure
> it works with the latest release, neither do I think it works with a 2.1GB
> hdd, and I can not find it anywhere.

It isn't in 4.X, and only worked on piddly little disks.

> Does anyone have any suggestions on how to plug the bad blocks so I can get
> the machine up.  At least then I can back the machine up over the net, at
> the moment, I can not even do that.

Force mount it then dump it; look at the "-f" option to mount(8). Be careful!


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