problem with dual boot and network

Michael Hallgren m.hallgren at
Wed Jun 6 11:22:33 BST 2001

Quoting Paul Civati <paul at>:

> Spencer Marshall <spencerm at> wrote:
> > The machine dual boots to win95 which was a pre FreeBSD install.  It
> > dual boots into win95 without a problem except, win95 does not
> configure
> > the NIC (Toshiba PCI FastEther LAN on Docker).  If I delete the NIC,
> and
> > reboot, it finds it, however, on reboot, I get the yellow question
> mark.
> Have you tried power cycling between reboots?
> I have found this problem on my IBM Thinkpad 240, as I recall if I
> reboot from FreeBSD (3.4 I think) to Win98 (or maybe the other way
> around) it won't initialise the PCMCIA card.
> I guess something somewhere gets into a strange state and the card
> doesn't get initialised properly.

I had the same experience on a Dell laptop (Inspiron) - rebooting from 
Win to FreeBSD.


> -Paul-

Michael Hallgren,, MH2198-RIPE

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