HSI trouble

John Murphy jfm at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 00:15:09 BST 2001

Mark Blackman <tmb at maddog.u-net.com> wrote:

>It's increasingly popular for ISPs to use some kind of
>RFC1918-addressed IP network internally, even when they assign public
>IP addresses to customers. I note that both tele2 and BTinternet do
>this at least.  This lets them play bizarre routing games or get a
>whole lot of addresses all to themselves, however they should be able
>to do most things (except service millions of customers concurrently)
>without this fairly ugly technique
>The key question is whether or not you have an RFC1918 IP address
>yourself. If you do, then it makes sense for them to use an RFC1918
>address system and NAT your packets for you. However, if you get a
>public IP address and they still transit you over an RFC1918 network
>then I'd love to understand why myself.
Yes.  This is blueyonder MICROtelewestSOFT.  I've kept the same public
IP since the beginning (<1 Month ago).


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