HSI trouble

Ian MacDonald ian at macware.net
Sun Jun 3 23:18:56 BST 2001

1918 address space *SHOULD* not be routable on the internet. You should
never see it in a traceroute once the packet stream leaves your ISP.
Packet loss via ping is sometimes caused (especially with solaris) by
the target dropping ICMP. It is impossible to measure anything without
having some effect on what you are measuring. 

Who is your ISP and what network have you in place?


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> Subject: HSI trouble
> Can anyone direct me to an explanation why one's first hop should
> be to a RFC1918 IP; and am I right to deduce that a packet loss of
> 30 to 40% to this IP and no packet loss to the modem means that all
> is well with the FreeBSD server at my end and the fault is upstream?
> How can I test and log the link performance without contributing to
> its failure?
> It's not working! Slower than 'cuts' sometimes!
> John.
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