using tar with DAT drives

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Fri Jun 1 10:51:51 BST 2001

> When we did
> 	tar -t > filelist.txt
> We got
>   sa0:adw0:0:6:0) 65536 - byte tape record bigger than supplied buffer
>   tar: read error  /dev/rsa0 : Input/output error
>   May 31 16:56:35 bsd /kernel
>   sa0:adw0:0:6:0) 65536 - byte tape recored bigger than supplied buffer
> the last section starting with May 31 .... was repeated.
> Any ideas what is happening as I don't understand what it is doing.

Since you wrote the tape with large buffers, you need to read it back with
the same size:

	tar -tb 128 > filelist.txt

The ``dump'' utility's counterpart, ``restore'', figures out the block size
for itself. Yet another reason to use dump/restore rather than tar for real
whole-partition backups.


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